A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is a place where each person regards’ the others ‘rights, dignity, feelings and general well-being as much as one’s own,and at times, more than one’s own.
It is a safe place where two people share the experience of helping each other become more of their actualized self than they were before the relationship started.
A relationship is a vehicle in which to grow and reach your higher, more actualized and refined self, as you overcome challenges within the relationship and within yourself , forcing you to break through self defeating patterns and limitations.
A relationship cannot make you happy. But it can offer you support , awareness, and insights that help empower you so that you can make yourself happier.
Only, we ourselves, can fill ourselves up. When we are whole and full, we have much to give and share to the other. By doing so, we do not feel diminished but more fulfilled.
Our relationships with others furnish a cast of characters we pick for our own personal melodrama. It is up to us whether we produce a comedy or a tragedy.

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