• Communication Skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Pre-marital Counseling
• Marital Counseling
• On the Brink of Divorce
• Separation
• Divorce
• Remarriage
• Blended Families
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Relationship Issues
• Dating issues
• Low Self-Esteem
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief and Loss
• Alcohol Issues
• Eating Disorders
• Assertive Training
Seminars and Workshops
RELATIONSHIP SKILLS TRAINING This educational series incorporates the Basic Pairs Curriculum which teaches couples how to improve communication, resolve conflicts, strengthen intimacy, love and commitment, develop emotional literacy and relationship maturity , and to increase joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

SEPARATION AND DIVORCE This seminar helps people develop self-awareness and understanding of their divorce experience in order to learn and grow. The emphasis is on becoming more aware of their relationship patterns in order not to repeat them.

CREATING A SOCIAL LIFE FOR SINGLES This seminar helps single adults create an active social life by dating from the inside out. The emphasis is on overcoming internal obstacles in order to develop a healthy relationship.

ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING AND SELF-ESTEEM This seminar helps people learn to differentiate between passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior. The emphasis is on developing high self-esteem as the basis for self -assertion and taking charge of one’s own life.

EMOTIONAL EATING This seminar helps individuals to lose weight naturally through conscious eating. The emphasis is on overcoming dysfunctional emotional eating patterns and learning alternative coping skills.
Groups are continually forming for singles, couples, and men.
Contact me at 954-234-6367 for further information
Seminars on the Pairs Essentials are given regularly at various locations.
Contact me at 954-234-6367 for more information. The next seminar will be given on November 18th, 2012.
I am available for a consultation or a second opinion on any mental health concern.
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